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Been working on a little side project, a.k.a., my son’s third birthday party. Last spring, we moved from our city condo to rent a lovely home with a large backyard. My son and I have spent so much time enjoying the backyard, doing leafs hunts, running around playing make-believe with Foxy and Raccoon (his two favorite stuffed animals) and literally chasing fireflies. This makes my Midwest-heart smile a bit, knowing that he gets to do these things in LA.

Anyway, all that background to say that this year’s birthday theme is a Woodland Adventure Party. Embracing his love for the outdoors and his two favorite stuffed pals! Here’s a few photos of the invite, and photos from the birthday party to come soon!

The invite and kit are available in my Etsy shop!

Sharing the invitation I designed for a fall farm-to-table dinner party I co-hosted with a dear friend a couple of weeks ago. I’m always a fan of entertaining and getting our friends together to share in good food and good conversation – especially for no reason at all. But this invite works even if you do have a reason to gather…like Thanksgiving or really any party this season. The invite is available on my Etsy Shop and the coordinating party kit available soon – check back next week for party photos. Happy November!

Is it June? I can hardly believe it’s 2013, let alone halfway through the year! It’s been a busy first half, and I’m excited to share lots of projects with you all this summer.

Most recently is a shower I had the pleasure of co-hosting for one of my dearest friends. She’s keeping the gender a surprise until the delivery, so we decided on the shower theme “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and played up the gender possibilities with rosy-pink and minty-blue accent colors, balanced out with kraft paper, golds and whites. Who said gender neutral couldn’t mean both pink and blue tones? The recipient address calligraphy on the envelopes was done by Mizue Ohira, isn’t it beautiful? Enjoy the invitation photos, event photos coming very soon!

With Thanksgiving officially so last week, I finally had a moment to photograph my son’s birthday invites for his upcoming Paper Airplane Party. He’ll be two in a few weeks and like most two-year old boys is fascinated with planes. So I combined his love for paper (yes…he still loves the box and packing more than the item) and airplanes together – mixing in a bit of vintage airmail, stars and stripes, and a few flying paper planes for the invite. Enjoy the photos!

The invitations are available on my Etsy Shop now with the coordinating partie kit coming soon!

I’m totally loving the whole gender reveal party craze that’s happening lately, and couldn’t help but get on board! Inspired by my Kitschy Little Man birthday party, this gender reveal invite is a my peppy take on the whole “little mister or miss” theme. Being a mother of one who couldn’t wait to find out what we were expecting, I love the idea of getting friends and family together to cast a vote, celebrate the baby and then be part of the reveal. A fun mid-pregnancy party for the first baby, or a great way to celebrate the second (or third…or fourth…) in lieu of a shower! Invites sold on my Etsy Shop with the partie kit and styling tips coming very, very soon!